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Owning a vehicle not only brings you happiness and comfort in daily commuting and during family vacations, they can also help you develop a business, based on transportation of goods or people. U use your vehicle, what you will have to do in common is maintaining it well, and give it all the services, it deserves. This isn’t an easy task, since apart from remembering the dates and schedules, you will also have to arrange for the bill amount, that the service center will charge you. But this can be eased out to a considerable amount, if you know how to make the most of the service coupons and service specials you can earn from the dealership, you have purchased your vehicle.

Auto service coupons and service specials are the latest trend in the auto servicing industry, where the dealerships that sell the products of a particular automotive manufacturing brand, also parallelly run auto servicing centers. Once you start visiting them for the routine maintenance schedule, you will start earning reward points which will accumulate and can be converted into auto service specials or coupons. You can reduce the overall cost of an auto service by redeeming these coupons, but only at the service centers run by the said dealership. When we received the Gilroy service coupons for availing a package of preventive services for our car, we earned even more points, which will get converted into more number of coupons, or coupons of higher value. This way, the chain will continue, and you can keep getting the maintenance cost reduced, each time you visit the service center run by the dealership you have purchased your car from.

So, here are some simple ways you can optimize the advantages of the service coupons or service specials offered by the car dealerships.

Choosing Their Services

The initial process of receiving service coupons from your car dealership is to choose their service center for every maintenance need. That itself will make you get counted among the most important customers, and for that they will reward you with points that will automatically get converted into service coupons. The more you avail their services, the more you earn such rewards in the form of service coupons. Choosing any private garages for any of your services will not give you this opportunity, while there won’t be any guarantee of service promised.

Redeem the Vouchers Before Expiry Date

It does not need an explanation why you must redeem your auto service coupons or service specials, before they expire. It is the same rule we follow everywhere. The coupons do come for a limited period of time, and their validity expires on a specific date. So, do create a reminder system on your smartphone, and get the services done that are offered on the service coupons, and redeem them before they expire. It is that simple.

As suggested by the dealership staff from where we regularly receive auto service specials near Gilroy, there is no harm in getting your car servicing done, before the due date, rather than missing out on the offer. Following their suggestions, we do found ourselves in a much comfortable position, whenever it comes to servicing our car.


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