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BMW 7-series has always been a favorite of the people since it was launched. Similarly, 2022 model won’t disappoint too as it is equipped with an amazing powertrain and performance among other things. Hence, you need to check out the 2022 BMW 7-Series specs in as detail as possible before reaching BMW dealership near Arroyo Grande.

2022 7-Series’ engine and performance

Among notable features, the 2022 7-Series powertrain stands apart from the rest. Engine choice available includes an inline-six turbocharged option that offers 320-hp and a V12 twin-turbo that produces a whopping 601-hp. Both engines function smoothly and give a muscular vibe due to the power these engines generate.

Even the hybrid option is remarkably powerful comes with a combination of electric motor and six-cylinder turbocharged engine. It also provides a natural driving feel which is missing from hybrids.

AWD is optional for 740i trim and standard on others. In addition, irrespective of what drive mode a person selects. This car will offer a smooth experience and body control provided is hardly seen in any other vehicle in this car division. Other notable driving aspects that you can observe are the superb cornering grip, light steering, and more.

Posh interior

BMW vehicle comes with an excellent interior design. It can be described as a combination of business-like aspects and modern styling. Also, the build quality, materials used, design created, etc. have been at par with this superior vehicle. Its dimension is quite big and thus, spacious enough for people to ride with utmost comfort.

Also, the cabin comes with a luxurious look and features that leave you completely satisfied. Moreover, trunk space offered is massive and is much larger than its competitors in this segment. It can carry ample carry-ons that would require its rivals to up their game.

The infotainment system from BMW iDrive is known for being user-friendly and having an attractive interface. It can be used either with a button or touchscreen option. Bluetooth connectivity, Apple CarPlay, USB ports, etc. are standard options while having a Samsung tablet between rear seats is optional.

In addition, there are standard driver assistance features available along with safety features that make one confident about driving this car.

Price tag

The 2022 BMW 7-Series starts from $87,795 for the 740i model. The rest of the variants consists of 745e (hybrid) costs $96,895, 750i will cost $103,995, Alina B7 version is $144,195 and lastly, M760i is priced at $158,795.For more pricing details visit BMW dealer Arroyo Grande.

If you are looking for raw power yet a smooth ride then nothing even comes close to the M760i trim. Though you can choose your model according to your preference most experts recommend the M760i version for the ultimate pleasure of driving and more.

These are some of the specs that you require knowing before rushing to a dealer near you for purchasing this vehicle. In short, it is one of the best luxury cars that you can buy that exerts an abundance of power as well as smoothness during a ride. Thus, you should get one quickly to experience such feelings!

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