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Hyundai decided to change certain aspects for a few of their vehicles for the 2021 versions. One of the most, which went through some significant change, is the 2021 Hyundai Palisade. The Palisade is already an outstanding vehicle that people worldwide loves.Therefore, before you reach out to Upland Hyundai dealer, it is better you know about these excellent changes and cost you will have to pay for the 2021 trims.

Modifications on 2021 Palisade

As mentioned earlier, the Palisade is already a beast in its class but Hyundai decided to make a few tweaks and more to make it even better. This luxurious SUV now comes with the Calligraphy variant, which is more upscale in nature.

This trim consists of 20-inch wheels with bold design, exterior light features that is unique, large grille on front with distinct design and Hyundai logo, etc. Also, another significant change is that AWD is standard for all Calligraphy models.

This isn’t all; owners of this trim will also enjoy an interior that has touches of faux-suede as headliners, upholstery created with quilted leather, steering wheel with perforated leather wrapping, and more.

Other changes made are made in the mid-tier versions of Palisade. It means people opting for SEL trims will have access to satellite radio, intercom in-car, 10.3-inch large touchscreen for infotainment access, driving mode semi-autonomous, navigation, etc. Moreover, each model has HD radio, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, LED Headlights, etc.

These are some of the substantial changes that you can observe as soon as you get your hands on a trim. To know what other changes is made to this remarkable vehicle for the 2021 version, contact Hyundai dealer Upland.Once you reach the showroom, all your answers and queries will be answered before you decide to buy one.

Price tag

First of all, 2021 Hyundai Palisade model comes in just 4 different versions. The base or standard option is SE, which is priced around $33,899. The SEL version falls under the mid-tier category and costs just $36,519 approximately. Lastly, Hyundai decided to offer two variants for their top-tier segment; one is Limited and this one costs $46,469 only and Calligraphy, which will cost you at least $47,380.

If you are planning to buy a SUV, then there is no question as to why you should get 2021 Hyundai Palisade. Coming to trims, you should always get the Calligraphy model as otherwise you might miss out on a few features which makes this car even cooler. However, if you are not planning to spend that much and looking to stay below $40k, then SEL is your version.Just buy it and add a few dealer packages for the best driving experience.

The powertrain and other features, which aren’t mentioned here remains the same. Thus, just get yourself to a dealership and select a trim for a test ride. Buying this vehicle will be the best decision you ever made. If you still not sure, just go through the reviews of owners of this vehicle first and then buy it!

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