Henderson Acura service center


When we first drove home our new Acura model, last year, we were assured by the dealership, that we can contact them for any kind of help. They recommended us to visit their authorized Henderson Acura service center for every sort of maintenance and repair our car will need in the future. We did listen to their advises, and that’s how we could return from each of our drives safe and sound, and feel the assurance that we are out of danger. If you are curious to know, how, then here are the answers.

One Stop Shop

When our Acura car dealership told us about their chain of authorized auto service centers all around the world, we did not really catch the significance of it, at that very point of time. But later on, we did realize it, when we visited a couple of their service centers at the different parts of our city, as well as in our country and even outside of it.

At every Acura service center, we got a catalogue of services that included both the auto body and auto repair ones. That was a big relief for us, since we did not had to look for different shops for repairing each and every part of pour Acura car, which included both its physical components and the mechanical ones.

Roadside Assistance

The biggest advantage we enjoy by choosing the chain of Acura service centers is the assurance that they will find us, when we drive our Acura, once we share with them our current location, if we get stranded by any mechanical damage, or by any fateful accident. Not only they will tow our car to the safest place, but also reach us to our destination, where we can help ourselves. They can also help us get medical assistance, if required. That is how we can travel with a peace of mind, when we have the roadside assistance service of Acura with us.

Reminder forMaintenance

Even if we are not in our hometown, Acura makes it sure, that we don’t miss out on any maintenance schedule, in this excuse. They will remind us about the upcoming maintenance schedule, and then will also offer a doorstep pickup for our car, so that we do not have to spend any time or fuel to drive up to their service center. Next they will do in a queue is inspecting our car thoroughly and let us know if any of its parts needs immediate treatment.

For us visiting the Henderson Acura service department has always been fruitful and a happy incidence since, they perform each and every kind of servicing with equal expertise. So, be it a dent repair, or a frame straightening, an engine oil and filter change, or replacing the brake rotor or engine carburetor, we always visit only the Acura authorized auto service center, and while doing so we earn enough reward points that amount up to considerable discounts that we can avail in our next repair services.

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