Battery for Your Car


Batteries are the source of energy for all the functionalities like igniting the car engine, turning on the headlights, taillights, and indicators. It is the car battery again that runs your car air conditioner, the infotainment system and also the interior lights. So, when the car batteries die for good, you really don’t have any other alternative than buying a new one, which is considerably an expensive investment, opined a senior staff member at the Flagstaff battery testing & replacement center.

They further added the fact that most car batteries havea lifespan which is limited to three to five years to the maximum strength, depending upon the nature of the driving habits, usage of electrical components and also climatic conditions. So, while purchasing new packs of batteries for your car, you must remember the following factors, so that you don’t regret it later.

1. Size of the Battery

Car batteries are usually divided into different groups, based on their sizes. These sizes come in different measures of length, width, and height. To know which battery size is required for your car model, refer to your user’s manual, and follow the instructions carefully.

You can also consider consulting your trusted mechanic or your dealership experts, from where you originally purchased your car. They will suggest you the right set of batteries, after making a thorough comparison between the different car batteries. The right size of battery for your car will be the one that will fit perfectly in the well-defined battery tray under the hood of your car.

2. Is it a New and Fresh Pack?

While purchasing new battery for your car, ensure that it is really new. The date of manufacturing of the battery will be indicated through a code that will be pasted on the battery. It will be mostly an alphanumeric combination wherein the letter will stand for the month and the number for the year. Make sure that the manufacturing date of the car battery is not earlier than six months from the date you are making the purchase.

3. Reserving Capacity

This is one of the most important deciding factors while making a new battery purchase for your car. The reserve capacity of the battery refers to the amount of time through which the battery can run, solely on its own power before the engine starts regenerating the energy by charging the battery with its run. Always look for the higher Reserve Capacity of the battery, to make sure your car never fails in tough situations like a noncompliant engine, or a failed alternator.

4. Check the Power Requirement

Before finalizing the new pack of battery for your car, check the Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) as well as Cranking Amps (CA) of it to know the details of power requirement for your car battery.

5. Choose a Low Maintenance Pack

Choose the battery type that is basically maintenance-free. It will come with the electrolyte liquid filled in its reservoir that can run throughout the battery life without any requirement for refill, suggested the owner of the retail shop for new car battery in Flagstaff.

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