Desirable Luxury Features Offered in the 2021 Genesis GV80


Genesis has already proven its ability to be considered as a leading premium luxury carmaker.Last few years, the Genesis lineup is witnessing the presence of a luxury SUV, in addition to the handful of sedan models that have already made a mark in the industry.

The automaker has put in its best efforts, to make this luxury SUV become a standout in its segment. This year, when the GV80 model series got its 2021 model year edition released, the onlookers can see how the automaker has installed in them the most desirable features of comfort, convenience and safety. As a result, the 2021 Genesis GV80 does make one of the most desirable luxury SUV model in the current market scenario, opined the Fontana Genesis dealer.

Competing With 

The 2021 model year of Genesis GV80 enters the segment of premium luxury SUV models, with some special attributes to boast about. So, it won’t be surprising, if you find names like the Mercedes-Benz GLE-class or the BMW X5 model series appearing in the list when you are searching for its competitors.

Power Building

The 2021 Genesis GV80 is a series of crossover SUV models that would need ample power under their hoods to perform all the duties of one. So, you see them powered either by a turbocharged four-cylinder engine, while or by a twin-turbo 3.5-liter V-6 powerplant. The standard configuration says you drive them with rear-wheel s alone, but the automaker offers the option to get your GV80 configured with all-wheel drive as well.

Cabin Customizing Options

The interior cabins of the 2021 Genesis GV80 models invite you into its posh yet homely ambience that throbs with an upscale vibe. The family space which is laid out within the 2021 Genesis GV80 displays excellent taste of the engineers who delivered high quality artwork inside the cabin made of burled wood incorporating high-quality metal accents. The inside atmosphere of the 2021 Genesis GV80 is accentuated with romantic ambient lighting, while a slim-shaped 14.5-inch infotainment display keeps the travellers engaged through its entertainment and informative content.

Every row of seats inside the 2021 Genesis GV80 models are widespread with heavy cushioning and yet a supportive angle. They are specially engineered to prevent travel fatigue to set in for the passengers even after long hours of highway drives.

To enhance the level of comfort, Genesis also offers a massaging feature on the seats for the passengersas well as for the drivers, to relax the muscles when they get stressed out. The third row of seats inside the 2021 Genesis GV80 models can be opted as an upgrading option for those who need to accommodate a bigger family.

As shown to us by the Genesis dealer near Fontana , Genesis heightens up the luxury appointments on the higher trims of its GV80 model series with the installation of heated front seats, Nappa leather upholstery, 22-inch wheels, a power lift gate, and power adjustable rear seats with heating and cooling cushions.

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