Air Lift Suspension


Did you know that air spring suspension systems have been around since 1901? They have come a long way since they were first patented. Are you looking to get a new air lift suspension system for your ride?

Keep reading to learn everything you want to know about suspension kits.


When air lift suspension systems first came out the coil springs were replaced by airbags. The airbag was inflated to the correct pressure amount with an outside compressor.

Nowadays, thanks to technology they are a bit different. The airbag material is made of polyurethane and rubber allowing it to have structural integrity. It also protects against light abrasion from any sand or road debris.

There are three shapes the bags come in: tapered sleeve, double-convoluted bag, or rolling sleeve. The tapered sleeve is designed to fit in smaller and tighter areas and they give a little more adjustability on the ride height.

The double-convoluted bag is shaped like an hourglass and it is designed to give a little more flexibility than the other design options. The rolling sleeve is a specific-application air bag.

Another component besides the airbag is the on-board compressor. This is an electric pump that feeds air to the bags through compressed air lines.

Valves, Lines, and Solenoids

The parts that help the air suspension system work include valves and lines. The valves are how the air enters the parts of the system. They play an important part in isolating and controlling where the air is directed and how it is directed.

Using a series of valves that control the air offer better handling than early generation air suspension rides. Early on the systems were two-way setups where each left and the right airbag was connected by a line and they shared their air.

Another part is the lines which carry the compressed air into the bags. These lines can be compared to high-pressure air lines that are routed along with the frame of the car. Usually, the lines are made out of rubber or polyurethane materials but you can upgrade them to custom steel lines if you want something that will last longer and will give you a cleaner look.

The last part found in an air lift is the solenoids. These are used to fill and vent each air bag. When the air lift systems adjust to different conditions, each solenoid is given a command to open or close. This changes the amount of air in each of the bags.

Feeling Like an Air Lift Suspension Pro?

Now that you know more about air lift suspension kits and their ins and outs, you can make an informed decision when you are shopping around for your own suspension kit. Now it is time for the fun part – shopping!

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