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Car modifications are a contentious topic among enthusiasts. To some of us, the idea of modifying a classic car seems like sacrilege. Why mess with what the designers did?

To others though, car modifications let us make our cars more individual and unique. Other modifications can also boost the car’s value, and that’s what we’re interested in today. What are the best car modifications that you can make to increase its value?

Let’s take a closer look at how you can modify your car to improve its value: ready to get started? Then read on!

1. Adding An Infotainment System

There’s a specific type of modification that’s called restomodding: this is where you take a classic car and modify it, usually with modern parts, to increase performance or comfort. Adding an infotainment system to an older car adds modern flair and also boost retail value, as they’re much sought after in newer cars.

Infotainment systems with Bluetooth, wi-fi, and support for iOS or Android phones, are relatively cheap but can make a big difference to your car’s resale value.

2. Exterior Tweaks

Your car’s exterior tells a story. It shows knocks and scrapes that you’ve been involved in, whether you’ve treated your car well, and shows what era it’s from. Making some small tweaks to the car’s exterior can make it look more modern and boost retail value.

For instance, knowing how to delete the chrome on your Toyota Tundra can give it a much cleaner and more modern look. Other great exterior tweaks include replacing or swapping panels, adding chrome (in some cases), and changing the radiator grille.

These tweaks aren’t too expensive but could make a big difference to its value.

3. Engine Modifications

Modifying your engine can give a huge boost to your car’s retail value if it’s done professionally. Fitting a new engine, a turbocharger, a supercharger, or other high-performance parts to your car that give its performance a boost will also help out when selling your vehicle.

No one wants to drive a slow old junker: give your car’s power a boost and watch the buyers roll in.

4. Install New Brakes

Adding more power to a car without improving its brakes is asking for trouble. You want to be able to come to a stop as quickly as you could before you added a new engine!

Even if you don’t modify the engine, installing new brakes can give your car’s value a big boost. A great set of brakes improves vehicle handling and will be easy to demonstrate during a test drive.

5. Add Power Steering

If you’ve got a very old car that didn’t come with power steering as stock, add it. It’s very noticeable, will increase your car’s value, and will let you have a lot more fun with it while you own it, too!

There Are Many Car Modifications That Boost Value

Installing car modifications on your vehicle may not seem like the way to increase value but it really can! Install the modifications we’ve talked about on this page and you’ll increase your car’s value in no time.

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