6 Tips to Get Dents Out of Your Car Door


You love your car, right? After all, there’s nothing more fun than the feeling of a new car that is totally perfect and free of flaws.

And yet, minor dings and dents are a familiar part of owning a car. In fact, it’s hard to avoid getting dinged by car doors in parking lots, getting hit by a baseball, or a million other types of random events.

Fortunately, you don’t have to live with dents in your car forever. It’s actually easier than you think to remove these unsightly blemishes.

This article takes a look at great tips for repairing dented doors that will help make your ride look as good as new. Keep reading to get the inside scoop.

1. Invest in a Dent-Repair Kit

This is a quick and simple way to remove dimples from your car. An affordable kit will include everything you need. Just keep in mind that some damage might require more professional skills.

2. Use Boiling Water

Believe it or not, some dimples in the metal can be removed by warming up the dented area with hot water. Simply bring the water to a boil, then gently pour over the damaged surface. Just be careful not to get scalded.

3. Use a Plunger

Depending on the size of the dented area and the texture of the surface, you might be able to use a plunger. Keep in mind that the surface will need to be rather flat in order for this method of repair to work properly.

Simply press the plunger against the dented surface, making sure the suction hold is nice and secure, then gently apply pressure by pulling until the bubbled area begins to pop out.

4. Use a Hairdryer

Using a common bathroom hairdryer is another creative yet effective way of removing damage from your car.

Much like using hot water, a hairdryer will heat the area, thus making the metal more pliable. Apply the heat along the edges of the dented area until it begins to release. Just be careful to not hold the heat in one location for too long.

5. Use Dry Ice

That’s right, you can also use dry ice to remove a dent from the exterior of your car. The key is to wear gloves to keep from burning your hands. Then simply rub a piece of dry ice over the dented area in a circular motion until you hear it pop back into place.

6. Sell Your Car

Or perhaps you own an older car that is covered in dents. It might not be worth repairing. In these cases, you could consider simply selling your car. If you’re looking to buy a new one, you could use the old car for a trade-in. You can also use social media, list your car for sale on an online forum where you can get top cash for cars.

Another option is to sell to a company that advertises “we buy junk cars“.

A Car Owner’s Guide to Removing Dents From Your Vehicle

Automobiles get damaged every day. Fortunately, these tips for removing dents can help save the day.

Keep reading to discover more automotive-related tips and advice on this blog.

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