Advantages We Found Buying a Used 2020 BMW 7 Series Model


We always had a high impression on BMW products. Who doesn’t? But our likeness led us to buy one 2020 edition of BMW 7 series, even though it was tagged under the inventory of used vehicles. When we got the offer from our neighborhooddealership that sells BMW used cars in San Luis Obispo we could not ignore it, since we were already smitten by its unmissable aura of it. All we could imagine was to ride in a car that has a head turning style, and a luxury-soaked cabin.

We all were eager to use the high-end infotainment system and were curious to know how safety was ensured through the latest technologies in this beautiful BMW model. As we took a test drive with it, most of our questions were answered sincerely by the seller, and the paperwork that was mandatory was done in a breeze.

Features of In-CarLuxury

The BMW 7 series model we got to explore was a used version of the 2020 model year edition. We got to know from several sources much beforehand, that this model has got the right looks to mesmerize people around. Those words came back to us when we saw this model from a close range and got to enter its cabin for a test drive.

All the interior components that we found inside the used 2020 BMW 7 Series model were intact and fresh looking. We hardly could guess that the car was ever used by anyone. Each and every corner of the cabin was made of high-quality materials while the infotainment system we saw had a new digital gauge clusterwith an advanced set of connectivity options. The model of the 2020 BMW 7 series model had a great number of safety features like automatic emergency braking, blind spot monitor, adaptive cruise control and many more. On the convenience side, what amused us the most was the power-adjustable rear-seat footrest.

Lining Up the PowerSupport

BMW is a brand that exhibits its belief in diversity. The power options offered on the 2020 BMW 7 series model can prove this point once again. Right from an inline-6 engine at the base, there is a turbocharged V-12 engine awaiting at the topmost level of the lineup. Power output from these engines ranges from 335 hp to 600 hp. The one we got as a used version of the 2020 BMW 7 series was able to pick up the speed of 60 mph from a 0 in lesser than 3.6 seconds, and that was the point where we finalized out decision to buy this 2020 BMW 7 series model even though it was categorized under the “used”.

Our Conclusive Decision

When we saw the advertisement of a 2020 BMW 7 Series model listed in an advertisement that read used BMW for sale San Luis Obispo, we were confirmed that we were one of the fortunate few to get this opportunity to buy this new luxury artefact at the price of a used, and this does not happen every day.

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