Servicing Your Honda CarBattery


Owning a Honda car benefits you in many ways. Not just that a Honda car looks good, drives well, and lasts a lifetime, but also it needs lesser maintenance than many others. But when it does, Honda is there at your service to ease out the process. If you’ve purchased a Honda, you are already entitled to get some benefits as a part of the Honda family. The dealership from where you made the purchase will also have a service center, which can take care of your car with every small or big issue. For example, of your car battery is about to expire, you can get it replaced by a new one from there, assured the staff members of the Petaluma Honda service center.

How the Car Battery Works

Battery is the part of your car without which itjust cannot be started. It is the car battery where the energy produced by the engine is stored. On the flip side, it is on the chemical reaction taking place inside the battery on which the engine depends to produce the required amount of energy converted into the electricity. This electrical energy that gets stored inside the battery is then used to operate all the other mechanisms. Right from the starter motor, the ignition and exhaust system, and all other ones that uses power to get operated needs the battery. Once you start your Honda car the engine gets started, it is then the task of alternator in the powertrain compartment to initiate the process of electricity supplyto all the systems that are present inside the car. When the car starts moving it automatically charges the battery and keeps replenishing the electric energy that got used up while starting the car.

Car Battery Replacement

As the car battery starts ageing, the capacity of the battery to supply the required amount of amps diminishes. At one point when the amps capacity of the battery falls below a certain level, it becomes almost impossible to start the car. Usually, for the latest Honda cars, it is after three years of your car purchase,that the battery capacity starts reducing.

The car battery which is also responsible for running all the Electrical components inside your car like the interior cabin light, the AC, the infotainment system, the music system, and other connectivity and power features installed in your car will stop working, when the battery lies low. In such condition, there will be no other way but to replace your car battery.

How to Extend the Lifespan of Car Battery

The car battery isn’t a storehouse that will keep the energy intact when you don’t use it. It is rather just the other way round. If you leave your car unattended for more than a week, the car battery will go low.

It is so because it needs the engine to get started and running to get charged. But simultaneously is you leave your car headlights on, the door unlocked, all the battery power will get drained out overnight. That is why the mechanics at the Honda service near Petaluma recommends to start your Honda car at least once in three days and stay watchful not to leave any electrical component running while you leave the car parked.

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