Michelin Primacy 4


Overview – Michelin Primacy 4

The Michelin Primacy 4 is a Premium Touring Summer tyre. The word Primacy characterizes the condition of being the primary, regardless of anything, and the world’s biggest tyre maker expects to satisfy this definition through its top-notch line of Passenger vehicle primacy tyres.

According to Michelin the Primacy 4 is designed to give optimum safety and reliable performance. Furthermore, it additionally advocates silent tyres that deliver an amazing driving experience with ultimate solace.

A tyre’s traction and braking time, especially on a wet surface, is of foremost qualities a tyre must possess. This amazing capacity can be credited to Michelin’s EverGrip Technology, which highlights decreased and squarer furrows, which upgrades water dispersal by more than 50%.  The Primacy 4 tyre delivers exactly that, and the best part is it retains this essential feature even after 30,000 miles. In terms of prolonged life expectancy of the tyres, Michelin is always ahead.

The Primacy 4 is an obvious exhibition of the Michelin’s vision to keep on conveying safe items that shoppers can believe directly down to the approved wear marker of 1.6 millimetres. This model has supplanted the Primacy 3, which picked up prominence because of its spontaneous and secure braking, solid grip on elusive surfaces, and safe voyage on dry streets.

The Primacy 4’s is the pinnacle of superb reliability with unparalleled performance.

My Experience

Below is a rundown of things that I felt worth mentioning while using Primacy 4 tyres on my Honda accord:

  • Unparalleled wet-braking
  • Amazing lifespan with additional 11,000 more miles, when compared to an average tyre
  • The tyres are astoundingly peaceful and offer incredible traction and grip
  • These tyres are fundamentally pricier than most of the different brands

As per my experience, the Michelin Primacy 4 offers quiet reliable safety and ultra-solid traction on wet streets.

What really made me buy this tyre was that the Primacy 4 This offers 11,000 miles more mileage than its rivals.

Regardless of all the amazing features of Primacy 4 tyre what I was surprised about the most was the wet traction. the Primacy 4 keeps up a significant level of water desperation in any event, even when worn. In particular, the new model offers 22% more space in the grooves. Also, by utilizing the technologically advanced and specially designed rubber compound.


The average Price of Primacy 4 tyre is AED506.10, however, you can buy it on approximately AED389.55 when bought on discount offers from online tyre store such as PitStopArabia. You can also buy tires for Audi and other car models


Following are the sizes available for Primacy 4 tyre:

  • 16″
    • 195/55 R16
    • 205/55 R16
    • 215/55 R16
    • 205/60 R16
    • 215/60 R16
    • 195/65 R16
  • 17″
    • 215/45 R17
    • 225/45 R17
    • 235/45 R17
    • 245/45 R17
    • 205/50 R17
    • 215/50 R17
    • 225/50 R17
    • 205/55 R17
    • 215/55 R17
    • 225/55 R17
    • 235/55 R17
    • 215/60 R17
    • 225/60 R17
  • 18″
    • 225/40 R18
    • 225/45 R18
    • 235/45 R18
    • 245/45 R18
    • 255/45 R18
    • 225/50 R18
    • 235/50 R18
    • 225/55 R18
    • 235/55 R18

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