How to Get a Cheap Car on Rent in Dubai in 2020


The holiday preparation structure for most people goes flight, hotel, and hiring a cheap car rental Dubai. But don’t view your car rental as an afterthought — knowing your needs and doing a bit of online research could save you a lot of money.

Aggregate, don’t procrastinate

If you have considered a rental car to be the way to go, continue by looking for insight on the aggregator sites. Cheap car rental Dubai is often the cheapest way to rent a car. If anything, you will get a good starting point.

Darkness, your old friend

Negotiate for “stressed inventory”, if a rental company decides that a single-car will not be leased on a specific date, time and location, they will off-sell it to one of those opaque stations at a net-rate price.”

Check your credit cards

Many of the best travel credit cards let you book a cheap car rental Dubai using your rewards. Many of these credit cards often encourage you to book rental cars at a discounted rate to save money straight from your online credit card dashboard. Most people ignore the rental car insurance options provided by their credit card. Check the benefits of your accounts and use the right one to pay for your rental car. Understand what benefits your credit card provides, as each has different types of vehicle rental insurance.

Bundle up

All the major sites offer package discounts when you book your vacation, so if you find a good deal, book your car at the same time as your flight. Don’t hesitate to also look at airline, hotel and credit card websites, which also promote bundled discounts.

Sharing saves

If you only need a vehicle here and there during your journey, the car-sharing services are to be greatly considered. Make sure there is a drop spot nearby, as you don’t want to use your savings by taking a taxi to the rental agency.

Browsing for aCheap Car Rental Dubai will be easy if you know how and where to search. Choose the company that you can trust and use the above tips to get the best! Dubai based car rental companies will provide you with a wide choice of cars at a good price of all classes and find the perfect car for your journey. Our expert team will gladly assist you with all your needs.

How to get a cheap rental car Dubai: Where the rubber hits the road

Besides using the “Pay Now” method, there are a variety of other ways to save money after you commit to the car rental agency:

  • Avoid renting at the airport: Rates and fees are always lower when you rent a car in the city rather than at the airport. If the price difference between airport and renting in the city is more than just a roundtrip taxi or subway ride from the airport, then the savings might be worth the trouble.
  • Weekly or monthly car rentals Dubai: Sometimes it makes sense to rent a car for fifteen days even if you only need it for one week.
  • Check your insurance: You might be covered by your main car insurance. Additionally, if you pay for the vehicle using your credit card, Visa, MasterCard, American Express provide at least secondary car rental insurance. Remember, too, that selecting the insurance company could actually invalidate insurance you already have through your credit card.
  • Don’t worry about bells and whistles: Rental car agencies make a lot of their money from the add-ons they are trying to sell to you. Too often people buy protection packages, what we call LDW— Loss Damage Waiver. You will buy navigation systems which you really don’t need. On those product lines, the profits for the rental companies are higher than on the vehicle itself.

Fill up your tank: Fuel plans at car rental agencies are extremely expensive. Save big time by filling up your tank at a nearby station before returning the car.

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