Handling Hail Damageson Your Car


Hailstorms are one of the major natural calamities that have a direct effect on cars. They can cause severe damage to vehicles within a few seconds. Things can go worse if a car is exposed for a long time at the event of this extreme weather condition. Hailstorms produce small or big sized ice spheres that fall from as high as the sky with tremendous force to the ground. If your car comes in between these ice spheres can cause major dents, and can even crack the windshield, leaving alone the scratches.

Damage will also cause on the hood, the roof, and the trunk, especially if you have a sedan, while the body sides can suffer from multiple scratches, creating an unbearable sight. So how do we prevent or handle this damage?

The group of technicians from our nearby collision center gave us a few hints that we felt worth sharing.

Parking Precautions

When it is about to rain, nature alerts us for some time beforehand. In other words, we know it is going to rain, if not specifically hailstorms. We get enough time to park our car at that time under some shade. That’s enough of a timely precaution to save your car from hailstorm damage.

Driving Precautions

The same rule applies when we are driving. If we see black clouds encircling us, we can always hurry up and try to find a shade to park our vehicle. If you are unsure whether you can find one, it is better not to start the journey, when we see a serious clouding around.

But again at times nature can be unpredictable, or we might be half our way when it starts, and it is a highway where there’s no hope to find a shaded parking. In such cases we are all stuck up. All we can do to reduce its severity is cover up our car with the floor mats on the roof and on the windshield, while pulling the car aside.

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But if things still get beyond control, we have to surrender and take the help of professionals to bring our cars back to their original shapes.

What the Repair Shops Do?

When you finally take your car to an auto body shop, there they will treat the hail damages with the help of several specialized tools, repair techniques, and part replacements. If the windshield is chipped off, they will start with replacing that, and then go ahead with the dent and scratch repair and paint jobs.

For this you have to find a shop that offers Dent Removal and Hail Damage Repair Services, who have a separate wing for Paintless Dent Repair (PDR). Also check out if they mention anywhere about Windshield Crack Repair and windshield replacement.

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Here again we must mention that before you handover your car to any auto body shop for a hail damage repair, do not forget to collect an estimate from a few more shops. Lastly, while receiving your car back after the hail damage repair, thoroughly inspect all the areas where there was a dent or a scratch. Finally, do not accept the car, if you are dissatisfied with the repair work.

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