Exciting Details about Orthodontics


Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Other than body shape and statue, eyes and teeth magnify it. Teeth misalignment is a common problem blinding the beholder. Over 50 percent of the earth’s folks have dental issues threatening to forego their magnificence. Visiting orthodontics near me is the best solution.

Nowadays, there are many orthodontics practitioners dominating backstreets, qualified and unqualified, experienced, and others. The desire for straighter teeth is the cradle of all these groups. As a field in the larger health fraternity, the orthodontist has its original pioneers. Without them, straight and well-aligned milk like teeth will be like a fantasy in a sci-fi movie.

The olden times of orthodontics

Greeks, Romans, French, Americans are among the first forerunners to study and enlighten the world about modern-day orthodontics. Historians themselves agree that modern beauty is a past trial. Historians will take us into the ancient world of aesthetics and link past and present orthodontics.

Ancient Greece

Other than math and science, Greece homes many enthralling ideas about medicine. Aristotle and Hippocrates knocked around the idea of having straight teeth dating back 400BC. Having these two philosophers and physicians brooding ideas by themselves into inventions. Archeologists have unearthed dental devices that Etruscans used to prevent the teeth from collapsing. A proof that Greeks had something to do with modern dentistry.

French Physicians

In the 18th century’s infancy, a French dentist Pierre Fauchard catapulted what Aristotle and Hippocrates had tabled thousands of years ago into the modern world. Modern dentists credit Pierre as the father of dentistry. He documented his ideas on different methods to straighten teeth.

Another Frenchman by the name of Louis also improved Pierre’s idea on straight teeth. By suggesting improvements of bandeau, a device Pierre had used earlier, what a creative physician. Sometimes, tooth crowding can make someone’s mouth look like a corncob. Thanks to Louis, he was able to eliminate this problem himself. He found out that pulling the bicuspid reduced tooth crowding.

Inside The Americas

The Westerns were not left behind in orthodontics. Braces were used to align teeth so that they can stay in the same place. Christophe-Francois Delabarre designed and used modern braces on his patients. He would use a wire crib to align the teeth.

The history of orthodontics took various forms in the untamed west. Dr. Barnum created what is called a dental dam. Not to store water or saliva but to protect the gum. He used a piece of thin latex that fits perfectly around the teeth. This piece of equipment will be later used in modern orthodontics near me.

The 20th century

Two world wars ravaged in the last one century, and medics had to push to their limits. The industrial revolution was now far ahead, ushering in the computer era, and medicine wasn’t left behind. Modern braces continued to dominate- the dentists were now focused on beauty. Braces made of brass, copper, ivory, zinc, gold, etc. took beauty and social status in a war-torn world.

Thanks to Greeks and other physicians, the process of correcting dental formulas is at my doorstep in orthodontics near me. With all these inventions, the 20th and 21st centuries have a lot to offer. Don’t forget to check on the most recent inventions.

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