5 Reasons to choose KENT CamEye as your car GPS system


A GPS system is not just a fancy trend but has become essential for your car. No wonder, there are multiple options in the market making it easily available. But the problem arises when you have to choose the one that fits perfectly to all your need. The recent entrant in the market is KENT, the pioneers in RO water purifier, who have recently forayed into the automotive sector with KENT CamEye/

KENT CamEye is the dash cam cum GPS tracker that ensures 100% security of car and passengers. It’s an innovative car GPS system that helps you keep a close watch on your car and loved ones travelling in it. It has dual cameras to capture everything happening inside and outside the car. Right from the feature and the accessibility makes this device a popular choice.

Here are 5 reasons to why you should also go with KENT CamEye:

1  Easy Accessibility:

KENT CamEye is an easy-to-use device with its entire feature accessible through the mobile application. The KENT CamEye app is available on both the android and iOS smartphones. You have to simply scan the bar code on the bottom side of the device through the mobile app and then you are ready to go. You can then find the different features of this car security system on the home screen and under the hamburger menu of the app.

2 Live streaming:

KENT CamEye offers live video streaming that rarely any other car GPS system offers. This feature helps you watch the inside and outside view of your car anywhere, anytime. No matter you are within India or travelling overseas, you can watch the real-time video of your car quite easily on your mobile phone. You can monitor the activity of drivers, driving your car in your absence.

3 2-way calling

Another amazing feature that makes KENT CamEye one of the finest choices is 2-way calling. This feature allows you to communicate with the car occupants without even using any handheld device. While streaming the live video of the car if you find anything wrong or if you feel you dearest one needs to be communicated, you can immediately give a call on the device. The call gets automatically connected, so the driver or the car occupants do not have to make their hands engaged in holding the phone. The built-in speaker and microphone establish the communication seamlessly.

4  Cloud Storage:

Unlike other car GPS system, KENT CamEye offers huge secure cloud storage to store all your trip data and recordings. The entire trip data, whether it is time-lapse video recording or the details like average speed, distance, time etc. are uploaded and stored on the cloud system on a real-time basis. Moreover, your data remains completely safe as they are uploaded in encrypted form, which can be accessed only after admin’s authorisation.

5 Do-it-yourself installation:

Usually, the GPS system installation in-car needs hard and internal wiring, but KENT CamEye gives a big relief with its provision of non-OBD installation. It’s a do-it-yourself process and hardly takes 10 minutes to hang the device on the adhesive mount on the front windshield of your car. KENT CamEye device sits easily on the mount and takes power from the 12-V socket of your car through a long USB cable tucked around the roof.

KENT CamEye is easily available in the market; however, you can go to https://bit.ly/2qHwp5r and order one for yourself.

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