Why You Should Never Miss an Oil Change Session


It is a known fact that maintaining a car is not all breezes, like that of owning and using it. It involves an alert mind, time, effort and above all a substantial amount of money. So, many car owners tend to forget this course of action, wherein one has to take their car all the way to the service center, leave their car for some time, wait while things are getting done and finally pay a hefty amount to their cash counter. But here is where they invite bigger trouble for themselves. By skipping a major preventive maintenance schedule, like oil change, the owners are in fact driving themselves to bigger hazards that might not come in predictive ways, warned a senior mechanic who serves at the Gilroy oil change service center.

He said this in support of a logical explanation about how missing out on an oil change schedule will have a cascading effect on the performance and overall health of their vehicle.

Developing a Habit of Postponing the Schedules

It is quite usual for a car owner to think what difference it can make, if he visits the repair center a couple of days later, instead of today. But the much observed fact is that, once one indulges in postponing one schedule for the preventive maintenance, they tend to repeat that until one day things get really sour.

In case of oil change, missing out on the scheduled date will have a strong tendency that it will be missed out even for the coming days. In between, your car engine will start gathering more dust and debris, burn out the existing oil, and the exhaust system and other related mechanisms will also start suffering from consecutive damages. The basis of all these issues will be lack of proper lubrication.

Lack of Proper Lubrication

Mechanisms used in automotive products need a special kind of lubrication to perform their best way. All the major systems like engine, transmission, brakes will have their own distinctive type of fluid to operate without any hindrance. Among all this, the engine oil plays a vital role, since the operation of the engine plays a key role in making all the other mechanisms work. Hence, when you do not replace the engine oil in time, it will start drying up, get dirty, and finally lose its viscosity, without which it cannot flow easily through the engine parts. The engine oil being a thick yet free flowing semi-liquid substance, that is meant to create a barrier between the metal parts of the engine, fails to do so. As a result, these close-knit metal objects start having friction with each other, that amounts to the heating up of the engine. This further damages many other related parts, and finally can lead to a catastrophic damage to the entire running mechanisms running under carriage and under the hood. So it was natural to get a warning message said the mechanics who are in charge of Gilroy oil change service, when we came to them for an oil change service much after our due date.

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