Paint Less Dent Repair is Becoming More Popular


Car painting is one of the most common services offered by the auto body repair shops. But as we can see revolutionary changes in every section of the automotive industry, especially in the trends, the same is reflected even in the scenario of car painting.

The auto body shops who offer car painting services are saying that more than the traditional and conventional paint jobs, people are showing more interest in paint less dent removal.

This growing popularity of the paint less dent removing process made us curious to know the reasons. We visited our nearby Post Falls paint less dent removal unit where the mechanics explained us the following reasons for its growing popularity.

Advanced Repair Technique

The paint less dent removal uses a cutting-edge repair technique that is also more effective while costing you less. Workers find it easier to do while the car owners find it a more cost-effective way to keep their car bodies healthy. But there are more reasons why people are bending more towards paint less dent removal.

Takes Lesser Time

As this process of paint less dent removal does not involve painting of the entire car, the dent removal gets over in much less time than that of traditional dent repair jobs.

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As dents can take place all of a sudden, and the owners need to remove those ugly patches, they find it most convenient to leave their car for a paint less dent removal at the auto body shop for a couple of hours and receive it back with all the dents repaired with efficiency without the necessity to paint the entire car.

Costs Less

Since there is no paint job involved in the dent removal, the cost of paint materials and labor charge gets subtracted from the total bill. So the car owners find it most convenient to get a paint less dent removal

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Repairing dents are already an expensive affair. But with the recent popularity of PDR it has become much more affordable making the car owners feel at ease.

Much More Than Minor Dents and Dings

If you are thinking that paint less dent removal is only for those tiny dents and dings you know only half of the story. The paint less dent removal can work effectively on severe hail damage and bigger dents.

The Effect is Permanent

According to the mechanics of the paint less dent removal Post Falls department, the best part of paint less dent repair is that it is going to give your car a permanent solution for the dents caused to it. Since paint less dent removal involves the reshaping of the surface metal, there is a misconception among people that over a period of time the dent can start popping back. But that is a sheer myth. In paint less dent removal, once the dented panel is repaired, it will stay the same way with as much strength as it used to have before.

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