Diesel Engine Maintenance Tips


If you have never had a diesel engine, you need to understand that they require different maintenance than a gasoline engine does. After purchasing a diesel engine, you must ensure you take care of it properly. By following the following maintenance tips, you can protect and prolong your diesel.

A diesel engine is able to handle tough work because it has a high torque, which is why so many owners will use them for pulling, pushing, dragging, and more. Therefore, it will require a different form of maintenance than your regular car. One thing to remember is that you should plan on having a professional look at your diesel engine once a year at minimum to ensure there is nothing wrong with it.

Then add in these maintenance tips to keep your diesel engine on the road.

1. Cleaning the engine is one of the best things you can do for your diesel. This will allow you to see any oil leaks. If you reside where salt is used on the roads during harsh conditions, know that it can make your engine rust. Therefore, be certain to keep the engine clean.

2. Keep an eye on the air filter. Change it out every 12K miles. If your diesel engine is accelerating slowly or there is not as much power, it is time to also change out the filter.

3. Maintain the engine’s radiator. The radiator helps to keep your car cool in the blazing Florida heat. Cool air blows into the grill of the vehicle once it senses the car is hot. The car will then recycle the air, sending hot air out and cool air in. Since a diesel will be hotter than a gas-powered automobile, there is a higher likelihood that it will overheat. If you do not maintain this, you may wind up with warped engine components. Plan to use a cleaning fluid as well as a good quality antifreeze.

4. Do not forget about the engine’s coolant. This will ensure your engine will not overheat. Coolant has a tendency to become acidic over time. Therefore, it can rot your engine. You will also want to flush out your system every 60,000 miles. Should you notice any orange or green fluid leaking, you will want to replace the coolant.

5. Fuel filters need to be replaced as needed. This should be switched out every 10 to 15k miles.

6. Tune the diesel engine. By doing so, you can ensure that your engine has the power it needs while improving your speed and having good fuel consumption. Many owners are not certain how to tune their engines, so it may be best to let a professional do this.

If you need help taking care of your diesel engine, call Mid Florida Diesel. They can help you maintain your diesel engine so it will last as long as possible.

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