Uber car hire


Most car rentals companies, especially in the US, are worth multi-million dollars. Currently, approximately 1.8 million rental agencies in different parts of the world are uber car hire. Additionally, most rental agencies other than company owners have are subdividing multi-million revenues through Uber car hire technology.

For instance, back in 2004 fiscal Uber car hire company generated 7.3 billion dollars profit, while another Uber company known as Hertz came second with a total revenue of 5.4 billion dollars. The third one was Avis Company, with a total revenue of 2.97 dollars in revenue.

Integration Level

Currently, car rental industries are facing a significant advancement compared to how they performed in the previous five years. Recently, Business-Travel-News recorded an accumulation between 20,000 to 40,000 miles until they decide to relegate the used car to reduce the mileage to 13,000 to 15,000.

Competition Scope

Multiple factors shape up the landscape competition of the car rental industry. There are two main sources of this chain of competition. The primary cause is the vacation field consumer’s end. However, on vacation’s purpose isn’t because the industry is concentrated and guided by industrial Enterprise. But the Car hire enterprise works against the disadvantages along with the startup market.


Over the previous five years, most rental car companies have consistently worked towards improving fleet sizes and enhancing their profitability level. Currently, the largest car hire company with the highest number of vehicles is Uber Company, with about 75,000 cars that were back in 2002, which mainly facilitate 170 trips to the airports.


Also, over the prior five years, the car hire industry made a significant deal of advancement to enhance the process of distribution. Currently, there are approximately 19,000 locations of car rental that yield nearly 1.9 million cars in the United States. Due to an increase in car hire industries in the United States, tactics and strategies have been taken into consideration to ensure a perfect distribution in the entire industry.

Market Segmentation

Many companies in the car hire chain usually generate profit depending on their type of car rental. The car rentals are categorized into intermediate, economy, luxury, premium, and compact. The most profitable among those categories is the economic sector. For example, the industry of the economy itself is accountable in 37.7% revenue of the grand market in 2004.

Profitability Historical Levels

In recent years, the overall practical level of car hires been shrinking due to various factors. The struggles that have been experienced are just the same as what has been in the travel industry. For instance, the years between 2017 and 2018 travel industry faced a moderate reduction in profitability level.

Competitive Rivalry between Sellers

Within car rental industry consist of numerous factors that catalyze the competition. In the prior five years, increasing profitability and expanding fleet sizes has focused on many companies with the rental car industry. For instance, Avis, Hertz, and Uber car hire have developed both fleet sizes and sales.

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