Types of safety bollard barriers


Safety Bollard barriers can serve numerous purposes but the main reason to put up safety bollards is to secure people as well as property. These barriers act as barricade between buildings, parking lots and sidewalks. They can also be used to reduce the speed of traffic and impact in cases of an accident. Bollards not only help in guiding the traffic towards a particular direction or building they can also serve as a barrier to buildings or places for public or vehicular access. On the roads, safety bollards help to save pedestrians from the impact of collision in case of any crashes or collisions. There are various types of bollards used for different purposes.


Removable Bollards: These bollards are for people who seek flexibility. Unlike the round concrete bollards that are fixed, removable bollards can be easily detached if additional space is required. This type of safety bollard can prevent access to vehicles as well as people.


Permanent Bollards: The placement of this bollard is sturdy. They are permanent but can protect property as they are placed as a warning to people and vehicles that might try to trespass through a limited access space, like private properties with no access to the general public.


Retractable Bollards: These bollards are anti-collision and limit vehicular access to facilities or buildings. They can be usually seen in a building’s entry and exit points. Provided you have access to enter and leave the premises, retractable bollards can be manipulated whenever required. They are raised from the ground to prevent unauthorised entry and retract back to allow authorised vehicles to pass through.


Automatic Bollards: These bollards provide easy control and access. You can either raise the bollards or lower them without doing it manually. The security measure is quite robust and these bollards can be ideal for those who have very little or no time to spare.


Flexible Plastic Bollards: Durable and used for lane delineation, these bollards are highly visible and can pop up easily. They are an ideal choice of bollards for places where there is excessive traffic.  


Decorative Bollards: Unique and capable of securing an area, decorative bollards can complement the landscape and design of a building. There are various types of decorative bollards:


Round Concrete Bollards: As the name suggests, these bollards are cylindrical in shape and are made of concrete. They can help in controlling pedestrian traffic and promote safety. Due to its form, round concrete bollards can also be used as a stool or a bench. Available in various colours, these bollards look very appealing and can enhance the décor of an area.


Stainless Steel Bollards: They are decorative bollards that provide reliable security to a business or property while lending a classy and sleek look. There are automatic, retractable, round or permanent stainless-steel bollards which could provide additional durability or strength.


If you have a clear idea about which type of safety bollard you require, it is easy to pick the right bollard. However, if you’re unsure about which Safety Bollard Barriers you would prefer, it’s best you do some research to find out the one that would suit your needs. 

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