Aturro tires are one of the most reliable and durable brands in the country and in the Diaspora. With their efficiency and power, they are built and designed to suit to any vehicle model. One of the key visions of Aturro tires is that they are affordable and accessible to customers and road users are been treated to the best quality services.

Aturro tires can survive even the harshest weather conditions such as snowy terrains, muddy tracks, and rocky roads. The company has been able to successfully apply state-of-the-art technological innovations to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

The thread’s style and design also have the ability to achieve 100% grip and compatibility.Aturro premium tires are also renowned for their wide range of products that ensure customers comeback for more service.

For both old and new customers, getting an Aturro tire brand for your vehicle today, customers should ensure that it matches their driving taste and other requirements for your vehicle.

With the rapid rate of tire evolution in the competitive industrial market, Dubai Tyre shop highlights all the important information road users need inorder for them to experiencethe perfect environment and driving experience in the UAE.

Atturo Tyre Company is also keen on reaching the heights demanded in producing enough quality in any size and mode of a long list of vehicles.They satisfy SUVs, Crossover and light truck vehicle userswho needruggedness and power on the road. Like the Trail Blade series where the treading designs standout in sheer quality like the doodle-like blades sketches.

Below is a comprehensive table of Aturro tire series and their characteristics available at Dubai tyre shop;

AZ 850 series


ü  Large outer treading and a rigid block for balance and maximum control.

ü  Minimal Noise.

ü  Excellent wet grip

ü  Excellent braking.

ü  Excellent water dispersion.



AZ 800 series


ü  Increased size, dimensions and

ü  Power and excellent load bearing

ü  Durability.

ü  Excellent traction.

ü  International standard quality.

ü  High speed capacity and endurance.


Trail Blade A/T series


ü  Powerful shoulder blocks.

ü  Excellent wet grip.

ü  Sufficient rim protection from debris.

ü  Improved handling and control.

ü  All-terrain compatibility. (Ice and off-road tracks)


Trail Blade Boss series


ü  Deep channel blocks for easy debris removal.

ü  3 ply sidewalls for power and better load bearing.

ü  Centralized tread blocks for high grip in ruggedsurfaces.

ü  Blade and handle shapes for excellent traction in slippery tracks.

Trail Blade M/T series


ü  Rugged shoulder blocks for strong grip in slipping surfaces.

ü  Versatile sidewalls for total traction.

ü  Reduced noise resonance

ü  Centralized treading.

ü  Extra-deep treading for rugged and off-road tracks.


Trail Blade X/T series


ü  Available in both LT and metric sizes.

ü  3-ply sidewall for all terrain conditions.

ü  Knifeblade sidewall and rim guard for protection.

ü  Large shoulder blocks for excellent grip and traction.

ü  Multiple sipes for icey road traction.


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